Why Use a Fountain Pen?

Why Use a Fountain Pen?

Why use fountain pens instead of ballpoint or gel ink pens? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a fountain pen over other writing instruments? How do you choose which type of fountain pen is best for your needs? Do I need special training in order to write with a fountain pen? Are there any health risks associated with using a fountain pen?

These are the questions that are commonly asked when it comes into using a fountain pen.

The experience of fountain pens in the past has been stained with ink and smudged writing.

We think most of us have since moved to a ballpoint pen and haven't looked back. The digital age has led to a trend towards the traditional craft of writing with a fountain pen.

In addition, we believe that fountain pens offer many benefits:

They can be used anywhere - on paper, cardboard, wood, metal, glass, leather, fabric, stone, etc.

Fountain pens don’t require refills

You can easily change nibs without having to buy new ones.

There's no risk of running out of ink because they're refillable.

It doesn't matter if you spill water onto them as long as you dry them off quickly.

The Sunday Times reported that people are starting to rediscover the thrill of writing with pen and ink because handwriting is a choice, not a chore.

It's a Lifestyle Statement

With fountain pens no longer being seen as a standard writing tool for everyday use, it has been elevated to accessory status. Email and text are the primary communication tools, but a fountain pen is an honest statement that you want to write in the old way. It's a sign to your colleagues that you're serious about what you're doing. Presidents don't use a fountain pen to sign treaties, they use a Bic pen.

The ‘Good Old Days'

The good old days were slower, and the stresses of the digital world did not exist, which is why they are called the good old days. Taking the time to write a letter using a fountain pen is a relaxing process that is different from email and text. Feel the sense of history as you fill a converter from a bottle of ink, or sign your name in pen and ink.

Years of Pleasure

How many pens have you lost? Many of us throw away our ballpen because it's a disposable item. If the fountain pen is looked after well, it can last for a long time. It is also cheaper to buy ink cartridges, which have a wonderful array of colors.

A writing experience that is Luxurious and Expressive.

Daisy Goodwin, Sunday Times, said that writing with a fountain pen on creamy paper is one of life's great pleasures.

The ink from a fountain pen glides easily over the surface of the page, meaning glorious strokes and less pressure on the paper. If you want to achieve a more unique writing style, you can adjust your nibs, hold, and angle of the pen, as well as your writing style.

With Fountain Pen, Handwriting can be improved.

Does a fountain pen improve your writing?

The answers from the various teachers we asked were overwhelmingly positive.

Mr. Curtis said a fountain made him write more clearly.

A student from a low income family is being taught by Ms Webb, who used to teach at a private school that required fountain pens.

Why Use a Fountain Pen

There is a reason why you should write with a fountain pen.

They Can Be Easier To Write With

Many people use fountain pens because they are easier to write with than other types of pens. They have a wide variety of weights and lengths, which gives you a lot of flexibility when choosing a pen. Fountain pens don't require as much pressure to write with. Hand fatigue can be reduced by using capillary action to pull out the ink from the pen, since it takes little to no pressure to put ink on paper.

There are different fountain pens. The barrel, nib, and grip size all have an impact on how a pen feels.

Nibs have different sizes and shapes.

Different shapes and sizes of fountain pens are available. You can choose the type of writing you are doing. Some people prefer a variety of types of nib. Flexible pens add character to your writing, which makes them a better choice for a letter than a fine one. One of the main reasons to buy fountain pens is the ability to have different pens that have vastly different writing characteristics.

Even if you use the same ink, the different size of the nibs can make your writing look different.

There are many different colors of ink.

The same can be said for the character you give to your writing with ink. There are a lot of different ink options. Each ink has its own characteristics and color and can be used in different ways depending on which pen you use. You can have many different writing options with just a few different pens and ink. See how appealing it would be to have a variety of colors to liven up your writing, compared to the standard blue and black colors that are typically available with rollerballs and ballpoints.

There are many different colors of fountain pen ink, so you can find the one that you love.

They Are Collectible

Vintage and modern fountain pens are all very collectible. There are many ways to acquire fountain pens, from limited editions to vintage pens that are hard to find. Special colors are released by many manufacturers such as Pelikan Lamy TWSBI. Montblanc releases very limited editions that are very valuable. Even if you don't like limited edition pens, you can always keep your collection focused on a particular brand or color of pen, and it's possible to spend a lot more on limited edition pens.

The pastels that were made in the 1950's are harder to find now and are part of this collection.

There is a very active community of fountain pen users.

It is full of amazing people once you get into the world of fountain pens. The online forums are filled with people who are more than happy to answer questions. If you want to try out fountain pens, ink and paper that you've always wanted to try, you can meet other fountain pen enthusiasts and try them out at a pen meetup. Pen shows are a great way to meet new people, take a class or two, and walk away with a pen you've had your eye on.

Why Use a Fountain Pen

Why did people stop using fountain pens?

A brief history first. Fountain pens haven't been around all that long. The late 1800s were when they came into existence. The first eye-dropper pens had to be carefully filled with ink with an eyedropper and those pens leaked like crazy. By the late 20th century, pens with internal bladders were a thing, as were a number of other mechanisms for holding ink.

Fountain pens had a disadvantage that made them less practical and that's why they were less popular in the 1950s and 1960s. Air pressure is a factor that fountain pens are more sensitive to. When the plane is pressurized, there's an air bubble in the ink reservoir that formed at sea level, which will force ink out if you board with a loaded fountain pen.

You should uncap your pen and hold it vertically until the plane is fully pressurized and then you could wind up if the ding goes off in the cabin.

Fountain pens aren't always the best writing implements because fountain pen ink isn't always permanent. You can use a Bic pen to sign a check, but it's not easy to remove the ink from it.

The Noodler's brand makes fountain pen ink that is bulletproof. The checks are not likely to be messed with because the inks are not able to be removed with a laser. It's also important to use these because it means your pen had better not leak.

The reason for the Space Pen is that fountain pen writing must be done on a table or some other horizontal surface. A pressurized pen can be used in space, underwater or upside down.

Why Use a Fountain Pen

What Are The Drawbacks To Using A Fountain Pen? Why use a Fountain Pen?

There are benefits and drawbacks to using a fountain pen. Some things might make you think twice about buying your first fountain pen, even if they don't leak all over the place like many stereotypes would have you believe.

They are more expensive than other types of pens.

Ballonstane and rollerball pens are so popular because they are cheap. Fountain pens are not the same as them. Some fountain pens will cost anywhere from $10 to $20 each. It is possible to get some inexpensive pens for a few dollars each, but the average cost of a fountain pen will be somewhere between $20 and $50. I know of some people who have been using them for less than a year who are not phased by higher prices. If you want a good pen, you don't have to spend a lot of money, but it is very easy to do.

They Need To Be Cleaned

Fountain pens work via capillary action. It is necessary that there is a clear path for ink to leave the pen and into the paper. You need to clean out your pen if the ink doesn't stay in the same place. If you don't clean your pen frequently you might have issues with it, which will cause you problems writing with it. If you use a rollerball, you'll never have to worry about cleaning a pen since it only takes a few minutes.

They Have A Cap

It might seem small, but most fountain pens have a cap. If you're used to the pen being able to click a button on top to extend and pull the tip, a cap might be more of a hassle than you want to deal with. Losing a cap is not that big of a deal, as there are many rollerballs and even ballpoints that have caps. You lose the cap, throw the pen away and grab a new one. You're in trouble if you lose the cap. The pen won't be useful without a cap, but you won't want to throw it away.

A fountain pen with a cap might not be a good fit if you don't want to deal with one.

Some types of paper don't work well for them.

Fountain pens can be picky about which types of paper they use. A fountain pen isn't a very good writing experience if you use cheap copy paper frequently. You'll want to switch back to a rollerball if the ink feathers and bleeds. They don't write very well on paper that is used for receipts, and they don't press hard enough for the copy to work. It's important that you don't smudge the wet ink on the paper before it's completely absorbed into the paper.

You can see the ink is on the cheap paper. You wouldn't want to use a fountain pen if this was the only paper you write on.

Why Use a Fountain Pen

Why would one prefer a fountain pen?

It's not often that you need a Space Pen when you have to write down notes. You can get permanent ink for your fountain pen when you need it. Fountain pens are still useful.

The fountain pen uses a different method of applying ink to paper than a ballpoint pen does. You should not press the pen into the paper like you would a pencil or a pen. You'll tire of writing as easily if you use a fountain pen, because it takes less effort from your hand. You don't need to worry about writer's cramp because you can write pages and pages. It is a revelation.

When you find a fountain pen that's right for you, it's not like a disposable pen that will be replaced in a few years, it'll be something you'll keep on using for a long time. Fountain pens are great for keeping attributes and changing them out for something you don't like. Are you tired of black ink? Try it with purple ink. Or ink made from iron. Or red ink. It could be glitter or ink with it. Would you like a broad nimb? Purchase one and put it in your pen. Do you want to have a calligraphic nib? You can also get one of those.

My Personal Experience

I have found that the amount of writing I do by hand makes me think about my handwriting. Blocks of yore are not allowed for the outside of mail. I write in longhand (script) for the philistines and it is more interesting and fun to do than writing via snail mail. I used to think my script was bad, but I was just out of practice.

One who enjoys an act is more likely to take part in it. I use fountain pens less now than I used to, as I spend more time writing by hand. The result of this practice is an increase in creative output. I find that my mental focus and creative output are much greater than before when I have to type a script, because my mental focus is so much greater.

Aren't fountain pens expensive?

Yes and no, that's right. Fountain pens can be found for between ten and twenty dollars. I owned a number of fountain pens from the same manufacturer. I don't ink them up, but there are some working examples in my collection. If you want to use other inks, you usually have to look at other makers because of the problem with the inkwell adapters used by the Parker pens. If you wear a favorite blazer, the little arrowheads on the cap clips will be difficult to carry because they tear the pocket into which you put them.

I wanted to try non-Parker inks and more interesting nibs after a few years. The Mark Twain crescent-filler is a delight, and it is less expensive than a c-note at the time.

I own a small collection of fountain pens, including a Mont Blanc, but my favorites are the Pilot 822, Pilot 822, and Conklin All-American. The investment is less than one would make in a box or box of rollerball pens because they are all refillable and made to last a lifetime.

The best fountain pens for beginners.

If you want a fountain pen without the price tag of a fancy pen, try one of the following three models.

The fountain pen is called the Varsity Fountain Pen by the pilot.

These aren't the fountain pen experience you're going to get with them. It's a great way to try out fountain pens without spending a lot of money. I have found that the ink on most types of paper causes my handwriting to be less legible.

It was clear from polling the fountain pen fans that Lamy was the most recommended fountain pen for beginners. It's a great fountain pen for the man who is just starting out, with a $20 price tag.

The Pilot Metropolitan was in charge of the recommendations for the Lamy Safari. It's a good looking pen and can be found for just 15 dollars.


Do you want your cap to be posted or not? While you're writing, put the cap on the end of the pen. When the pen is posted, it feels more balanced in the hand. Some people prefer to use the cap as a writing utensil. Try different things and find what works for you.

At the correct angle is what you need to hold it. The angle with which the pen is used should be at least 40 to 55 degrees. The sweet spot of a fountain pen is in this range, because ink flows more easily at these angles. You want the pen's top to point straight up and not be tilted to either side, because it is an exception.

The pressure should be used less. The ink will flow like it does with a ballpoint pen if you don't press down. The ink can be damaged or prevented from flowing properly if there is too much pressure. You should keep your strokes light.

Use your arm to do something. A word used to mean that most people move their fingers to write. The pen rotates and causes ink flow problems if you apply too much pressure to it. If you focus on using your shoulder and arm more, you'll be in a better position to write. This style of writing keeps your pen steady and helps reduce the pressure on it.

How to keep your fountain pen in tip top shape.

Furthermore, the quality of the materials used in manufacturing these pens make them last longer than cheaper models. This means less frequent replacement costs over time.

The following tips may help you maintain your fountain pen:

Cleaning Your Fountain Pen Regularly

Cleaning your fountain pen regularly helps prevent bacteria from growing inside the barrel. Bacteria growth causes rust stains and discoloration. To clean your fountain pen, simply dip into some warm water and gently scrub away dirt and debris.

When not in use, keep your pen's cap on.

When the pen is not being used, keep the cap on. It protects the ink from drying up and it protects the bicyle from damage. You will need to remove the dried ink that is blocking the flow if you leave your pen uncapped and find that the ink has dried up. It can be done by soaking the nib in water. If you can't get it to work, consider emptying your pen with cool water and filling it again.

Don't allow others to borrow your pen.

The pen's nib will adapt to the writing style of the person using it. If someone borrows it for extended periods and applies their own style to it, it can get out of whack. If they just need to sign something, let them borrow it; it's a gentlemanly gesture. If they need to write an essay, lend them a cheap-o ballpoint.

Furthermore, the quality of the material used in manufacturing these pens makes them last longer than cheaper versions. This means less frequent replacements over time.

Don't allow others to borrow it.

If you are going to loan your pen to another person, ask them first before doing so. They might have other plans for the day. Also, tell them how long you expect them to use it. If they plan on borrowing it for several hours, give them a spare set of cartridges.

A regular flush is what you should give your pen. It's a good idea to give your fountain pen a flush a few times a month. It makes sure proper ink flow by removing build-up in the feed and the nib.

You could also consider soaking your pen in cool water overnight to remove any ink build-up.


Most folks regard writing by hand as a chore, and that's a shame. Writing with a fountain pen is a joy and it improves one's handwriting to boot. Additionally, the more you want to write, the more you will write and the more you write, the better you'll get at writing. So get a fountain pen.

As a result, I have been able to become a very prolific writer. My first novel was written entirely on my new Parker 51. Since then, I've gone through several other fountain pens before settling on the Lamy Safari. Nowadays, I'm almost exclusively using this pen because it allows me to write faster while still maintaining legibility.

Moreover, the quality of the material used in making these pens make them last long enough to warrant buying new ones every couple years. This means less frequent replacements over time.

You should be able to understand on why use a fountain pen.

Finally, the pressure applied when writing with a fountain pen is minimal compared to other types of writing instruments. As such, this type of writing instrument requires little effort to produce legible text.

Furthermore, the pressure required to hold the pen steady while writing is reduced because the pen doesn't rotate.

Hopefully this article helped answer the question “Why use a fountain pen?”. While they take more effort than most other pens, are more expensive and are a little more picky than a rollerball or ballpoint pen, for most people the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. It doesn't matter if you're a collector, an environmentalist, someone with hand pain or just someone who wants a wonderful writing experience, a fountain pen is one of the best writing instruments around.


Why use a fountain pen?

Fountain pens are easier to write with than other types of pens.

How does a fountain pen work?

Since the ink is pulled out of the pen via capillary action, it's easy to put ink on paper and reduce hand fatigue.

What are the Benefits of Fountain Pens?

There are some benefits that are physical and some that are mental.

What type of nib do I need?

You have the option of choosing the perfect nib for what you are writing.

What are the different colors of ink?

Each ink has its own characteristics and colors, and each will look and perform differently if you use it in a pen.

What are the different fountain pen inks?

You can find many different colors of fountain pen ink, so you're sure to find something that you love.

How do I collect fountain pens?

There are many ways to collect fountain pens, from limited editions to vintage pens that are hard to find.

What are pastel Esterbrook pens?

The pastels in this collection are made in the 1950s and are hard to find in good condition.

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