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Article: Best Budget Fountain Pen

Best Budget Fountain Pen

Best Budget Fountain Pen

Best budget fountain pen

Fountain Pen Terminology

Here are the best budget fountain pen, but before that; like with any hobby, there’s a language used by people who write with fountain pens. Understanding these terms can help you tell one brand from another.

The Nib

The first step is to get started by finding an appropriate nib for yourself. A nib is this small metal part at the end of a fountain pen that; allows you to write with ink onto a sheet of paper. A fountain pen works by using both capillarity (the tendency for liquids to flow into spaces between solid objects); and gravity (a force that pulls things toward Earth).

The Ink Feed

On the right side of the pen body, there’s an ink reservoir where you put the ink cartridges inside. You can see here the ink feed; which helps to get the ink from the cartridge into the pen via the capillary effect. Nibs come in varying widths unlike ballpoint rollerballs which always use one size. There are types of nibs like; Extra Fine (EF) and Fine (F). The most common nib is M for medium.

To be honest, most people don't use a wide nib at all; unless they're trying out fountain pens for the first time. Most people just stick with their normal size pen (B) or something narrower like a 021/022 nib. You might sometimes come across oblique nibs which mean that they're angled at the end and that would; for instance, be an OE which is an oblique extra fine nib. If you want to get started right away, I'd recommend starting out with a medium nib pen; once you've learned how to use one well enough; then consider upgrading to something else like a broad or italic nib.

The Converter

While fountain pens usually aren’t loaded with ink when purchased; you can buy them without an ink cartridge if you prefer using one. Instead, you could opt for a refillable cartridge that lets you choose any type of ink you like. They typically cost between $1-$5 each, but you'll save money by using them instead of cartridges.

The Piston-Filler

You don't need cartridges for these pens; just twist the top cap off and pull/push the nib inside or outside; depending on whether you want to use black or colored ink. You normally find this type of mechanism in more expensive writing instruments. For myself personally, I prefer using the pistons for filling pens. They’re cheaper than cartridges and they don't create any extra waste when compared to them.

Here are five highly recommended budget fountain pens for anyone who wants


Handcrafted one by one using only the finest materials, we have designed The Hemingway to be a fountain pen of exceptional quality and beauty.

The Hemmingway Handmade Fountain Pen is made from solid brass and with a hand-polished solid wood barrel. This fountain pen is a smooth writing instrument. The pen has a fine Genius Iridium nib. This beautiful wooden fountain pen takes a standard fountain pen ink cartridge or can be used with the included calligraphy ink converter.

Each wood and brass fountain pen is individually handcrafted made from a number of exotic hardwoods including Wenge, Ebony, Rosewood, Cherry, and Zebrawood.   Due to the handcrafted process, each item will be unique with its own rich character.

Personally, I think it's a very good pen that comes in different finishes so you can personalize it to your taste. It feels good to write with because it's not too hard, but it's not too soft either; therefore, it won't cause you any pain when using it.

2. Pilot Varsity – The Most Inexpensive Fountain Pen

It usually comes in a 5-pack for $10 and it has a nib (or tip), so it looks kind of cheap like a regular pen/rollerball and it’s all made out of plastic. A "disposable" budget fountain pen (also called an uninked cartridge) has no mechanism for refilling its ink chamber after running out of ink; instead, it must be thrown away when If you look at YouTube, there might be some videos showing people who've successfully refilled their cartridge by hacking them. That being said, the plastic is so cheap that over time, it will probably break anyway, so if you think that you might use the pen for a longer time, I suggest going with the Metropolitan over the Varsity . It's nice because it has a smooth texture and isn't too hard like some others.

3. Jinhao X450 – Worth every penny

Most people are surprised at how inexpensive these pens are but they're not actually worth nearly as much as they seem. In terms of value per dollar spent, Jinhao is probably one of the best options out there right now. In addition to having a bigger body than the Pilot Metro, the Jinhao 450 has a thicker barrel which makes writing feel smoother. If you're writing a lot, then using a pen like this one can be tiring because it has such a heavy nib.

However, if you just sign things occasionally, having something lighter makes signing documents easier. Has an almost identical look to a Montblanc pen, but it's simply plated in 24k gold rather than solid gold. It came right out of the box with an ink converter which was quite surprising for its price range. It looks like a decent starter fountain pen for someone who wants something inexpensive but not cheap.

4. Jinhao X750 - best budget fountain pen made in china

As for the pen itself, the Platinum Edition features a brushed stainless steel finish and comes in an elegant black lacquer box. It’s available in either silver or gold plated colors. It doesn’t seem like there’s any way for it to leak out once it’s closed but if you ever feel like it might be leaking, just take off the cap and give it a good shake. It may look like a cheap fountain pen but at the end of day, it’s actually not so bad after all. It’s very similar to the X450. They're just light in weight and honestly, if you want to give them a shot, they'll set you back less than $10 so they're pretty affordable.

5. Lamy Safari - An inexpensive fountain pen made in Germany

It’s made by German company Staedtler in Heidelberg, which is near where I live now. When I was in third grade (in 1991), this was the fountain pen I used for school projects. It has become an iconic symbol for students who want something unique but at the same time professional looking. Because I don't want to be seen using such an old fashioned writing instrument, I've decided not to buy any new ones for now.

Standard version

The standard version of Safari is made out of metal. Aluminum has different versions including copper, brass, bronze, stainless steel, etc. However, these materials tend to be expensive and not too durable. It’s okay if you go with the original plastic version. It has an extremely industrial look but it’s really comfy in your hand and it’s super easy to hold onto even if you're holding it by its handle. For people who have really big hands like mine, I think the Lamy Safari may be too small. They were quite smart and they introduced their own proprietary ink cartridge which are both bigger and costlier than ordinary ones.

Lamy Safari in Action - This budget fountain pen has an amazing screen which makes writing easier than any other fountain pen out there. You get a converter included in the box too! Unlike the other pens we reviewed, the Lamy Safari doesn't come with an ink window, but it does feature a handy cap for refilling its reservoir when needed. It has been made from stainless steel for durability and coated with an anti-reflective coating so you don't get any glare when writing. Nib sizes vary from one pen manufacturer to another; however, most pens come in three basic sizes—0.5mm, 0.7mm, and 1.1mm. The Lamy Safari fountain pen costs anywhere from $20-$25 depending on where you buy it.

When buying a fountain pen, value considerations come into play.

For me, whether a particular fountain pen represents an excellent or poor value proposition begins with its price point at retail. Today's market has made the baseline price for a quality steel nib fountain pen anywhere from $150-$200 depending upon where you live. A pen I am reviewing if falling within this price range, has a good nib (pen tip), is comfortable to use (feels like writing with an actual pen rather than something plastic/rubberized) and isn't feeling cheaply produced or mass-manufactured, I generally consider that to be fairly priced and a "good" value for its intended purpose. If a pen ticked all these boxes and fell under this $135 price point, then it became a better value proposition. If you're going for an expensive pen, then you may want to consider offering some extra features that differentiate it from cheaper options.

What to look?

So what do I look for when buying a budget fountain pen? In comparison to those much cheaper pens that I think to offer good quality for their price points, I feel like I’m getting some kind of writing experience that one might normally expect from a more expensive pen. An injection-molded plastic TWSBI may be made by any number of companies, including some who use recycled materials; however, they’re unlikely to look like pens from high-end brands such as Franklin-Christoph. Still, these pens usually cost under $100. Because of that, I think TWSBL generally offers excellent value. In addition, some manufacturers such as PenBBS and Moonman produce their own custom nibs which they then sell separately from their fountain pen kits. These nibs are maybe even smoother than the ones included in the kit. You'll rarely see such high-quality writing instruments at prices like these.

Buying affordable pens

When buying an inexpensive pen like the one shown above, I use the “Lamy 1000 Test.” If I find something at a lower price point than the Lamy 2000, then I know there isn't enough quality difference between them for me to spend extra cash. There might be something special about an even more expensive pen than the one you already own, but if not then why would you spend more for a pen? Are there any unusual features about the pen itself?

For example, if it has some kind of unique design feature or is made out of something different than most pens. Do you own a special or limited edition pen with a specific theme that has some significance for you? It depends on who makes it. If they're making their own pens, then there's no way for them to know if any part of the profits go Do I love the aesthetics of the pen so much that I simply don't care about having to shell out the extra money?

best budget fountain pen

What to look for when buying a budget fountain pen

The size of the pen tip determines how much ink flows through it. From extra fine to fine to meduim, they range from large amounts of ink to small amounts of ink. If you want thicker, bolder lines, use a bigger pen tip; however, if you write small, fine letters, using a finer tip might be best. buying a budget fountain pen is easy but you should know that nib sizes and their manufacturing processes differ greatly between fountain pens.You can use any type of pen — from metal pens like fountain pens to plastic ones like gel ink pens — but there are some things to consider when choosing one. Even so, remember that gold isn’t nearly as strong as steel.

Size and Weight

It matters which pens fit well into your hand, but don't worry too much if they're not perfect fits; just pick one that feels good when holding them. Pay close attention to both the grip and feel of the pen so you know if it fits comfortably and won’t slide out of your hand.

You might think about whether you'd like to buy an inkjet printer for refilling its own cartridges, a print head cleaning kit, or some new bottles of ink. Some fountain pens are cheaper than others because they're made from plastic instead of metal.

Cartridge Compatibility

If you're new to fountain pens, we suggest starting out with a fountain pen that uses cartridges rather than manual refills because it makes it easier to get started.

Comfortable Barrel

It doesn't really matter whether you choose an elaborate barrel for your fountain pens; just get one that feels comfortable when writing. The position from which you write affects your handwriting and the better the grip, the easier it will be for you to angle your pen properly.

Balanced Weight

A good way to find a budget fountain pen that feels like one you're used to writing with is by searching online for "pen feel." If you're adjusting from one type of exercise routine to another, anything too heavy or too light could slow down the transition time. When holding a pen, if it feels comfortable in your hands, then there's no need to worry about asking for another one.

Steel Nib

You'll need time to get comfortable using different levels of pressure when writing. Start by applying light pressure for short periods of time before increasing the intensity. With a good quality pen, you'll be able to write for longer periods without having to worry too much about applying just the right amount of ink to paper.

best budget fountain pen

Find out which fountain pen we recommend if you're new to writing instruments.

Over 150 years ago, Cross began crafting fine writing instruments and providing them throughout the world. They're now considered a classic choice for your new fountain pens!

It’s both sophisticated and simple, but finishes off with a golden centrepiece and clip. It has an excellent balance between performance and comfort. Therefore, a budget fountain pen it is suitable for both beginners and experienced writers alike. In addition, its stainless steel medium nib.

You may be able to get away without using the cartridge if you're willing to spend some time converting bottles yourself. Personalising your fountain pen makes it even better than before! A beautiful engraved cross adds elegance to any desk top. An ideal present for anyone who loves writing and pens. It’s perfect for beginners too. With its taper at the top, the balance between body and cap, and the fine steel nib, the Parker 51 feels like an extension of your hand when writing. It’s truly a pleasure to use. We've already explained why you shouldn't use regular pens for fountain pens before, so now let's talk about which type of cartridge you should use instead.

Its gift box and lifetime warranty make the Cross ATX ideal for beginners who want something they can pass down through generations.

best budget fountain pen


In terms of which best budget fountain pens I like best, if I were forced to pick just one from among the five, it might be the Pilot Metropolitan Fine Nib (F) because most nib sizes fall into that category. In addition to having a thicker barrel, the Pilot G2 Plus offers a slightly larger nib for writing. However, its smaller size makes it easier to carry around compared to the Lamy Safari. And because it’s less expensive, it feels like a more “professional” pen.

All the best budget fountain pen mentioned here can be used either by right-handers or left-handers, but it’s really a personal choice and so I recommend trying them out first before buying any. If you really like them, then you might be interested in buying one for yourself. They're pretty nice, but if they don't suit your personality, then maybe you'd rather just stick to cheaper ones instead. If you've already tried some of these techniques, feel free to share them here!


What is the mechanism behind it?

It has no cartridge so you just turn the knob at the bottom of the fountain pen to either suck ink into the barrel or push it back out when you're done writing.

What is a fountain pen?

They have various fountain pen nibs.

What is the difference between a ballpoint rollerball and an ink pen?

In contrast to ballpoint rollerballs, which usually come in one size, there are different sizes for fountain pen nibs.

What is the best type of nib for drawing?

Medium nibs are often used when making pen and ink drawings.

Which kinds of pens should I buy for myself?

As soon as you get started writing with fountain pen ink, I recommend starting out with a medium nib, followed by either a fine or an extra-fine nib. Later on, if you feel like upgrading, you can always buy more broad nibs.

How does a fountain pen work?

Basically, a fountain pen uses capillary action as well as gravity to get the ink from the inside of the pen through the nib onto the paper.

What is a fountain pen?

Unlike a ballpoint pen, most fountain pens don't come pre-loaded with ink and you can either get cartridges but they're more expensive on a per-use cost and instead, you can use a converter so you can choose from any kind of ink you want and you can just fill the ink into it.

Is it ok to stick with a budget fountain pen when you’re new to fountain pens?

Yes, we strongly suggest you to use a budget fountain pen first since you’re a beginner.

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