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Article: How to Write With a Fountain Pen Left-Handed

How to Write With a Fountain Pen Left-Handed

How to Write With a Fountain Pen Left-Handed

It is possible to use a fountain pen left-handed?

There was a rumor that you couldn't use a fountain pen left-handed. We show off what we think are the best pens for left-handers to help you decide on a pen that is right for you, as well as sharing our top left-handed writing tips.

Can you write with a fountain pen left-handed?

Yes, you can use a fountain pen if you're left-handed.

Left-handed people are discouraged from using fountain pens because of the belief that they will smudge the ink. If you are left-handed, you could have tried to write with fountain pens in the past. If you believe it or not, getting ink all over your hand and page has less to do with being left-handed and more to do with your techniques.

Are there any fountain pens designed for a left-handed?

The design of fountain pens is good news for left- and right-handed writers. Nowadays, most standard fountain pens can be comfortably used by left-handers.

The soft, flexible nibs of fountain pens were used in the past. Problems were caused when using a fountain pen left-handed. When writing from left to right, left-handed people often push their pens; this accommodates it. The flexible nibs would often pull apart when pushed across the page, causing messy writing and an unpleasant experience.

Most fountain pens in this day and age have a solid nib, which is good news for the left.

We recommend left-handed fountain pens.

A pen with an ergonomics grip is being used. Sometimes, A pen is being used with a steel blade. You could also use a fine pen. These tips can be used as guidance for beginners because they are not hard and fast rules. and you should definitely always buy fountain pen ink from the same brand.

A lot of fountain pens today support a solid nib, which is good news for the left. It means that the nib is not spring-loaded and you can use it even without lubrication, at least for the first week, as you get used to its characteristics. Solid nibs are also very durable, and after a few months of daily writing, you may even find the writing experience to be more pleasant.

What is the difference between left and right-handed pen?

A number of pen brands have left-handed nibs. There is a difference in the way the nib is cut.

Then, if your method isn't correct, you can try a left-handed fountain pen and it will work the same way. With a little practice, you can fall in love with the beauty of writing with a smooth fountain pen, even if you are left-handed. Left-handed writers can learn from our tips.

There are tips for left-handed authors.

there are some authors as well that use a fountain pen left-handed

Your paper should be placed on the left side of your body. This will mean you can easily see what you are writing as you go.

Tilt the paper so that your arm is at a right-angle to the bottom edge of the paper. This might feel unnatural at first but will help you in the long run.

Write with your hand below the writing line and with your wrist straight.

Use your right hand if needed to steady your paper. This means it is less likely to move or slide while writing. A steady piece of paper is essential when writing with a left-handed fountain pen.

Try to pull your pen across the paper rather than pushing it. This will help you to avoid scratching your nib or ballpoint. This will keep your nib in good nick.

Hold your pen between the thumb, index and middle fingers. This may take a bit of practice and be uncomfortable at first but is well worth it in the end.

Some people are helped by writing on a sloping surface. This means they cannot then rest on the paper and smudge the ink.

A left-handed fountain pen nib can help some left-handers. We can help you find one that is right for you.

Left-Handed Writers

Left-handed people think fountain pens are not good for them. The truth is that people on the left love fountain pens. Left-handers tend to own fountain pens at a higher rate than the population as a whole.

There were challenges for lefties who pushed, rather than pulled, a pen across the page when fountain pens were often equipped with soft or flexible nibs. ink goes across the paper, onto the desktop and anything else within range if those tines are in the wrong direction. Modern fountain pens have been able to solve that problem by making writing easier for all writers. It seems like a soft nib is scratchier than a rigid one. The stiff tines of a rigid nib don't separate easily as pressure is applied.

There is still an issue for left-handed fountain pen users. Left-handed writers need to avoid dragging their hands through the drying ink when writing from left to right. People on the left tend to avoid this. They don't think that they have developed a strategy to get along in a mostly right-handed world.

Some of the different writing styles used by left-handed people can be seen in the photos below. There are many different writing styles and one of the photos should come close to being a left-handed writer. Knowing how left-handed you are helping us tuning your pen. Most pen and nibs combinations can be made to work with a few simple adjustments. Please let us know if you have a paper angle that is unusual. We are going to do our best to accommodate you. For example,

#1: Michael McCarthy

is an underwriter. His writing line has a slope of about 20 degrees. He is holding his pen in an upright position. He writes with no force or movement of the pen.

#2: Rick Propas

Sometimes referred to as a 'hooker', is an over- writer. His line increases in elevation at 15 degrees. He writes with no force or movement of the pen.

#3: Jimmy Yu

He holds the point of his pen toward himself and the writing line is rising. He writes neutrally, neither pushing nor pulling the pen.

#4: Linda Avanzino

is an over-writer. She is writing at about 90 degrees. The nib is pushed across the page by her.

#5: Pat Ackor

is an underwriter. Her writing line slopes downward at about 45 degrees. She writes with no force or movement of the pen.

#6: Jose Suro

A writer keeps his paper vertically in front of him. The nib is pushed across the page by him.

#7: Steve Barnett

His writing style is slightly different. He rotates his pen so that the top right corner of the page is visible. The nib is pushed across the page by him.

#8: Emily Eldredge

is a side-writer. She is a pusher with her line falling at about 25 degrees. She pushes the nib across the page.

Using a fountain pen left-handed is somehow comfortable for other people.

Right-handed people are more likely to take up calligraphy than left-handed people.

There is an introduction to calligraphic script, including Italic and Cursive, with an emphasis on positioning and layout that will make sense for southpaws in Left-handed Calligraphy. The arrows go in the right direction.

Meanwhile, the history of calligraphic script and the usual writing techniques of left-handed writers are covered in this book. The book will be useful for those who are getting their first oblique or cursive customization.

Sailor ink is a type of fast-drying ink. They're a good choice if you're lefties. There is a pack of twelve bottles of Kiwa-Guro Black and Sei-Boku Blue-Black available. This may not be so strange for further thought. Left-handed pitchers seem to embrace the challenges that are thrown their way when faced with a difficult situation.

Fountain Pen Guide For The Left-Handed Writer

Fountain pens don't make writing worse for left-handed writers. When I use fountain pens, my handwriting looks better and I don't have to worry about having it smudge. There are a lot of factors that can affect how a fountain pen performs for a left-handed writer but anyone can use it.

I want to make sure that left-handed writers don't need a special pen. Completely false. I use fountain pens from many brands and they all write for me with no real issues other than an aesthetic one.

The issue for lefties is that we write from left to right, dragging our hand through what we have just written. Some lefties attempt to angle their hand above the line they are writing in order to compensate for this. Underwriting is a way to write below the line, similar to our right-handed friends.

The moment a word is written, both writing styles put the writing hand into the ink. It's a big worry that ink smudge is a problem. It's a good idea to consider whether you use a pencil or rollerball often. Did the ball of your hand have ink or smudges? If that is the case, you will definitely want to look at a quick-drying ink like Noodler's Bernake line. Since the fountain pen will not lay down as much ink as a wider one, it might be helpful to use a fine nibbed pen. How quickly ink will dry is determined by paper selection. The ink sits up on the paper and does not soak in, so papers noted for their fountain pen friendly are notorious for taking longer to dry. Your writing won't fall unless you stick your sleeve into it.

​What is your left-handed writing style?

​Understanding your own writing style helps ensure a clear, smudge-free experience when using fountain pens. There are a variety of writing preferences, each style with its own level of comfort.

Overwriters versus Underwriters.

Likewise, Lefty writers have two main styles of writing. The angle of the hand is used to determine overwriting and underwriting. On top of the writing line, overwriters write with a sharper angle than the underwriters do.

In fact, It's referred to as an inverted position and it leads to smudged writing. The hand is resting away from the ink on the paper. The words are moving across the palm of the pen. Increased chances of lefties using this method is due to it being comfortable. The space between the palm and writing will help dry the ink.

Similarly, the overwriting position leads to less smudging. The physical changes needed for fountain pen usage are provided by the Insurers. The pen can rip the paper if it is held at an angle. The paper can be reduced in tears by increasing the angle of the bicycle. The hand is positioned below the writing line in order to see it more than the written words. To remedy this, consider tilting your head away from your writing hand, to see the wet ink as you write each letter. The writer's penmanship is affected by being able to clearly see the page.

When using a fountain pen, some writing positions cause the ink to smudge or paper to drag. Lefties use fountain pens to practice various styles. Try out a new writing method slowly. If you're after a smudge-free experience, the change can be worth it.

Whether you're an overwriter or an underwriter, there are few key elements to focus on when using a fountain pen:

​It's important to focus on your grip. A fountain pen grip will allow you to keep the page stable for multiple lines at a time. To be able to write with ease without compromising flow or smudge-free writing is what this means.

afterward, you should be aware of the fountain pen's pressure. Fountain pens are not designed to be able to handle a lot of pressure. It is possible to cause the ink to pool on the paper. It's more difficult to write with consistency when the hand is tired from the heavy pressure. The fountain pen can be damaged if the pressure is not adjusted.

It makes perfect sense that practice makes perfect. Writing practice pages on paper for fountain pen use can help the writer perfect a new writing style or experiment with new ink and paper.

fountain pen

Many fountain pen left-handed writers smudge their writing by directly moving their hands over their work. Here are some tips to avoid ink smudging:

You don't want to hold your pen with a hook style. The pen and ink are pushed across the paper. The writing style can result in ink being smudged when using a fountain pen.

When writing, keep your paper to the side. A small angle is not a bad thing, but angling increases the amount of ink that can be written with.

then, writing surfaces should not be soft or moving. A fountain pen needs a hard writing surface to work. The pen can move more freely across the page if you use a table, desk or other solid writing space. The risk of accidental smudging is higher for lefties who tend to push across the page with soft surfaces.

The writing stuff for left-handed people.

Some of the problems left-handers have with their handwriting are Smudging scratchy letters and covered-up writing. Writing strain can often be caused by lefty techniques to alleviate these issues. We felt it was time to give some tips and advice since about 11 percent of the UK population are left-handed. The correct writing position and the right pen are two solutions.

When you push rather than pull when writing, your words will be covered as you write. The hand drops under the writing line if your elbow comes in when you rotation the paper 45 degrees. This will allow you to see what you are writing and make it more comfortable.

Is it possible to hunch over your pen with your fingers? The problem is made worse by this. now, It's best to hold your pen back from the point.

Some pens are designed specifically for left-handers.

Fountain Pens for Left-handed people.

The popular fountain pen is the LAMY Safari. It will help lefties write with ease because it has a steel nib. It's a great fountain pen option for beginners. It's available in a number of different colors.

Likewise, The Sonnet and Quink can be used with lefties. The steel nib of the Sonnet is very reliable.

Additionally, The LAMY is popular with left-handed fountain pen writers. The pen is slim and has a steel nib.

Hannah joined the company because she couldn't use a fountain pen with her left hand. She became a fan of fountain pens after practicing and honing her techniques.

If you would like to learn more about left-handed fountain pens and left-handed nibs, please visit one of our stores or contact us to see which brands supply them.

Fountain Pens are the best for lefties.

Some pen designs are more suitable for a southpaw than others, because of the general design. The comfort grip will help you avoid wrist pain because it has an improved angle.

There are many improvements for lefties that have pros and cons. It may be best to get it as a separate add-on since you prefer one type over the other.

There are triangular grips that force a smudge-reducing posture and finger supports that help you see the text come in a variety of universal formats. Other aspects are what make the best fountain pen for left-handed people.

Some brands are designed for left-handed people.

A pen made from very fine materials is a luxurious high-end pen. A comfortable modern fit and a 14k Waverly gold nib give you a very smooth writing experience.

The Waverly nib is one of the best pens for left-handed people due to its upturned tip. Even though you push the pen or write at high angles, this design helps you avoid skipping.

The Pilot CON 70 is worth mentioning. It combines the best of both worlds into a unique design, unlike push-button or vacuum-filled converters. It can accept both bottled ink and proprietary ink. You receive a single cartridge. The pen comes in a luxurious package with a portable protective case.

DRYDEN's Modern Classic Collection has modern fountain pens in a timeless design. Humans assemble the parts of the DRYDEN Luxury Fountain Pen.

The design of this fountain pen made it one of the best for left-handed people. It's easy to write with a comfortable design and medium nib.

A high-quality feature is the ability to convert. DRYDEN ink can be used. The ink doesn't dry out because of the design of the fountain. It comes in a bag. The Pilot 912 is an affordable option.

If you're looking for a cheap pen for left-handed people, the LAMY Safari is a good choice. It is a very popular option because of its unique design and low price.

The barrel is made of plastic and has a pen. It takes ink from a Lamy T 10 ink cartridge. When the first one runs out, you can either replace it with a Z-21 or buy new ones. The window lets you know when the ink is running low.

The design of the fountain pen makes it one of the best for left-handed people.

The pilot had a retro pop band.

Pilot has a series called MR Retro Pop. The finishes are inspired by the 60s and 70s.

The Pilot MR Retro Pop features a brass barrel with polished details and a fine sipper. The squeeze conversion is pre-installed with black ink.

The most affordable pen for lefties would be this one. There is a case for it in the gift box.


What are the differences between a fountain pen and a ballpoint?

Lefties don't have to worry because fountain pens are used by both right and left-handed writers.

What do you think are the challenges of writing with left-handedness?

Lefties tend to use techniques that have a higher smudge rate.

What is the best fountain pen to use with left-handed users?

One left-handed writer may prefer a thin barrel and flexible gold nib, while another might prefer an uncapped thick grip with a STAINLESS STEEL NIT.

What can Lefties do to make a difference?

A left-dominant writer's hand will find its way over the newly written ink and ruin their work when using a fountain pen.

What is the difference between overwriting and underwriting?

The angle of the hand is used to determine overwriting and underwriting.

How do you dry a writing instrument?

The space between the bottom of the palm and the line of writing will help the ink to dry.

What does writing do to penmanship?

When writing with a fountain pen, some writing positions can cause smudges and paper dragging.

Is using a fountain pen good for you?

It is helpful for lefties to practice various styles.

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