Reasons to Write With Wood Fountain Pens

Reasons to Write With Wood Fountain Pens
A Wooden Pen Nib

You may be wondering if purchasing wood fountain pens is worth it, right? While there are many reasons to write with wood fountain pens; this article will briefly explain why wooden fountain pens are worth buying and using as your everyday writing tool.

Understanding What a Fountain Pen Is

Fountain pens are similar to quills, only that ink is held inside rather than in a separate dip bottle. The best fountain pen may be a bit of a splurge. Fountain pens have a main feature which is its ink delivery system which, thanks to the principles of gravity and capillarity, connects a tank full of ink to a nib. Fountains pens can be made of plastic, metal, and wood.

Evolution of a Fountain Pen

Writing instruments have come a long way in the past two centuries, and the pen was the first writing instrument invented. There's nothing more inconvenient than having to dip a pen into a reservoir to replace the ink supply.

To begin with, Petrache Poenaru, first invented a fountain pen with an ink barrel in 1897. He received a patent for the innovation of the very first fountain pen. However, the design had major flaws; the flow of ink wasn’t adequately regulated and resulted in the blotting of ink. In 1894, Lewis Edson invented a three-channel ink feed fountain pen. The design did ensure a smooth flow of ink during the writing and revolutionized the pen into a portable tool.

Over the course of the 20th century, the design has undergone many innovative changes, including the use of replaceable and refillable ink cartridges and a range of plastic, metal, and wood fountain pens.

Why Use a Fountain Pen?

Writing with fountain pens is far superior to writing with a ballpoint pen or a pencil. The main reason why fountain pens are better than ballpoints and pencils is that they are easier to grip. They are also less likely to crack as the lead wears down. Also, it makes a person’s handwriting far more pleasant, convenient, and ergonomic than typing. Below, explains a quick overview of the benefits of using a fountain pen.

1. They write effortlessly

Fountain pens are fun to use. They don't require any pressure to write, and they also don't break if dropped. Their design makes them comfortable for longer writing sessions. They also have a wider grip section than ballpoints, which reduces strain and hand fatigue. A good fountain pen is a wet writer, so it lays down a lot more ink on the paper than a ballpoint or even a gel pen. Fountain pen ink is fluid; ballpoint ink is solid.

2. They’re Refillable

Fountain pens are cheaper and environmentally friendly. Refillable fountain pens are the ultimate. You can click on your cartridges without any effort. A converter eliminates the need for you to have to replace the cartridges - all you have to do is suck up the ink straight from the bottle.

3. You have the freedom to choose your own ink

There are a variety of fountain pens ink available. The majority of them are better than the ink in ballpoints. No matter what colors you want to put in this pen, it will never run out of ink. Some inks are bulletproof (meaning they resist fading or smudging, even after being exposed to moisture, light, and other forces over time). Many inks have a distinct sheen. For most of them, you can buy samplers that just cost you a dollar or two.

4. Classy in nature

Fountain pens are made with high-quality materials which really stand out against disposable, plastic counterparts. A signature doesn't have to look the same every time you write it, so you need both a ballpoint pen and a fountain pen. That’s a cool experience, right?

5. The ‘Good Old Days’

We are living in the good old days when we still used typewriters and computers were connected to telephone landlines. Taking the time to write a letter with wood fountain pens is a relaxing and tactile process. It's the opposite of e-mail and texting. Feeling the sense of history as you fill a bottle of ink, or sign your name in pen and ink is quite magical.

Learning Interesting Fun Facts about Fountain Pens

  • Fountain pens let you write upside-down. This may sound quite strange, but it's possible to write in a very fine way upside-down. The writing will not be perfect (scratchy), but it’s definitely possible.
  • While fountain pens are all different, after you use them for a while, their nibs personalize themselves to your handwriting, making the pen special for you. As a pen wears down to match your personal style, so it's sometimes difficult to lend it out to other people.
  • Fountain pens have shifted from necessary writing equipment to luxury items in the last few decades. Despite the rise in the use of digital writing tools, people are still buying ink pens.
  • Those who are left-handed people use fountain pens far more often than those who are right-handed.
  • Using fountain pens makes writing more comfortable and less fatiguing than using a standard ballpoint pen or computer keyboard.. Fountain pens are much easier to use compared to ballpoints since they write smoother and flow almost over the paper.

Other Common Types of Pen

Ballpoint Pens

Meet the ballpoint pen - the world's most common writing instrument! Ballpoints glide smoothly across the page with a stainless steel or brass ball at the bottom. This is important if you're writing quickly, whether it's journaling or notetaking. You can also get ballpoint pens for as cheap as 25 cents each!

Rollerball Pens

Rollerball pens are almost similar to ballpoint pens, only they use a more viscous water-based ink. This makes your words and lines more permanent and less likely to smear across the page. The ink is also typically darker, which results in an eye-pleasing print.

Gel Pens

You may be thinking of the gel pens you used as a teenager to doodle hearts on your notebooks. However, gel pens are much more than that! These stylish pens come can be filled with many water-based inks in every color imaginable. The ink may take longer to dry, but it's worth it for the crisp, dark lines that are created.

Calligraphy Pens

Calligraphy pens are like fountain pens which can either be dipped into a pot of ink or can be used with ink cartridges. There are different kinds of calligraphy pens. Some have a dedicated nib, while others feature interchangeable nib. Calligraphy pens also come with different nibs to create different styles of scrip

Stylus Pens

Stylus pens are a two-in-one tool. It comes in two parts. One part is a traditional pen that writes on paper and the other part includes a stylus. The stylus pen makes scrolling, selecting, and highlighting in your email easier than ever. A stylus has a round rubber tip that helps navigate touchscreen devices.

Refillable Ink Pens

A refillable pen is one that has an ink cartridge and a refillable ink container. You can replace the ink once it runs out, saving you from having to run out and buy a new pen in the future. Both ballpoints and fountain pens can be refillable. If you do a lot of writing, refillable pens are the luxury pens for you!

Reasons why fountain pens are better than ballpoint pens?

1. More Comfortable

Writing with a fountain pen is far more comfortable than writing with a ballpoint pen. Ballpoint pens are usually made from thicker, more viscous ink than other pens. They require a certain amount of pressure to roll the ball over the paper. Having a wider barrel makes a fountain pen more comfortable and easier to hold.

2. Customizable

Fountain pens are extremely flexible; you can change their writing style and appearance by swapping the nibs. There are specialty nibs, including oblique nibs, calligraphy nibs, and italic nibs. With a ballpoint pen, its refill limits you as well as the ball and writing characteristics. If that’s not enough, you can have your pen nib custom ground and polished by a specialist to create your perfect pen.

3. Environmentally Friendly

A fountain pen will last a lifetime if it’s cared for properly. They are also much more environmentally friendly than ballpoint pens. Ballpoints are not reusable and are very difficult to recycle, so they end up in land-fill. Even if you recycle a ballpoint, the used refill still ends up in the trash. Using bottled ink rather than cartridge pens will reduce your environmental impact.

4. Gorgeous

Fountain pens are beautiful and have a "wow" factor. They are elegant and sophisticated, a thing of beauty to behold. Even if you don’t own a fountain pen, you can still appreciate their aesthetics of them.

You may be looking for the perfect ballpoint pen, but that quest for perfection will be fruitless.

5. Huge Range of Ink

Ballpoint pens are available with any color ink but typically come with a black ink refill. Water-based ink is available in a vast range of colors and shades. Their product line includes over 100 colors, and some of them are exclusive, such as their Shimmer inks, which come in a range of silver tones.

7. Proper Penmanship

It is more fun and rewarding to use a fountain pen to write than it is to write with an automatic ball-point pen. To become a writer means that you want to write beautifully. It's essential to be consistent with your handwriting style and make sure you're consistent in your letter formation.

8. Line Variation

One of the great advantages fountain pens have over a ballpoint pen is line variation. A fountain pen can be easily used to make a variety of fine lines. There are many different materials, shapes, and sizes that you can use in a fountain pen. The choice of the nib is up to you and your preferences.

Most inkjet printers offer up to 100,000 pages. Some people say that you should print 20,000 pages every month because of the time it takes to get through the printer, but we think that's pushing things a bit. A ballpoint pen will write a 0.7mm wide line. This means that if you want to write a thin line you must get a fine pen with a fiber tip or a small ballpoint pen.

9. Personalized Writing

Whether it’s with a fountain pen or with a ballpoint pen, writing with a pen makes the process more intimate and enjoyable. The way the nib interacts with the paper is a more pleasant experience than when you’re using a ballpoint pen.

It's almost impossible to send a thank you note or letter with a typewriter. The recipient knows that the sender took the time to write and take care in crafting their words.

Wood Fountain Pens

Whether you are writing an epic novel or signing a work contract, your finest moments will be made even more meaningful if you use good-quality wood fountain pens. These hand-crafted pens are made with exotic wood, giving them the best feel in your hand.

Reasons to Write With Wood Fountain Pens

Unrelenting Quality

One of the major reasons to write with wood fountain pens is unrelenting quality. Wooden fountain pens are constructed with hand-turned, solid exotic hardwoods. The timeless design includes a classic piston filler system and brass trim.

Such pens are handcrafted by master pen-smiths who have mastered the art of making these beautiful instruments. It’s handcrafted, meaning no two pens will be the same. A truly exquisite pen for a professional that values quality.

Elegant Design

Wooden fountain pens are designed to be minimalistic in design and function, while still exuding a classic vintage style. Ranging from its elegant color to its perfect size, you'll be surprised by how luxurious wood fountain pens are.

Life Time Warranty

Every wooden fountain comes with an unconditional lifetime warranty. Be rest assured that you can confidently purchase wood fountain pens knowing you'll never need another fountain pen again.


Just like any other type of fountain pen, wood fountain pens offer great comfortability while writing. Due to its elegant design, wood fountain pens write well and make one feel better in the hand when writing for long sessions.

Caring for Wood Fountain Pens

While we’ve stated some of the major reasons to write with wood fountain pens; it is worth remembering to clean and care for them. If properly maintained, wood fountain pens will provide you with a pleasurable experience for years to come. A wood fountain pen will last you for many years, perhaps even generations if it's given the right amount of care. Caring for your pen is not a particularly difficult or laborious process and will save you a lot of money on expensive nib replacements.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article has helped you all know major reasons to write with wood fountain pens. While they take more effort than most other pens, are more expensive, and are a little pickier than a rollerball or ballpoint pen, for most people the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. It doesn’t matter if you’re just someone who wants a wonderful writing experience, a wood fountain pen is one of the best writing instruments around.

It is also equally important to properly clean and maintain wood fountain pens. This includes knowing how to clean and store the pen accordingly. This will ensure a smoother writing experience and longevity.

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