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Article: Are Fountain Pens Worth It

Are Fountain Pens Worth It

Are Fountain Pens Worth It

Are fountain pens worth it? Many people may remember the feeling before buying their first pen, that hesitancy to make the leap from cheap; possibly office- or school-supplied writing utensils to the more expensive, fancier fountain pen. While there are many advantages to these great tools; it explains why we think fountain pens are worth the money; and how to determine if you're ready to spend the money on one.

The first big question to ask is “What am I trying to achieve by buying this pen?” there is a wide range of reasons to want to own one. Maybe you want to cut down on your waste and stop throwing away disposable pens when they run low; maybe you want to buy a new pen that lasts longer and looks nicer; or you're rewarding yourself for a job well done, etc. Whatever the reason, there's something that made you decide to buy your first pen. You can start by figuring out what that is and how bad you really want to make this purchase; if fountain pens are worth the money.

are fountain pens worth it

What do you plan to do with the pen?

Fountain pens are much more durable and long-lasting than the pens most people use in daily life. They're an attractive option because they're easy to use and they feel good in the hand for long periods of time. You may also admire their design and the thought and attention they put into creating a well-balanced and attractive pen. There is also an aspect of quality and practicality that disposable pens lack. They're not the type of pens that you'll leave lying around and lose. Fountain pens last for an extremely long time, maybe even decades. Some fountain pen users may tell you of their first fountain pen being handed down from their parents or grandparents. They're made to be durable.

What are you willing/able to give up to get the pen?

Do you think using a fountain pen is more appealing to you; than the missed coffees or lunches you'll have to sacrifice in order to save up and buy one? If you really get into the hobby of holding and using pens; then the joy and pride of owning them can far surpass some of the things mentioned above. Finding the right pen for you is one of the most exciting things about owning a pen. Your pens even become an extension of who you are and the way you present yourself. If you're looking for something to reward yourself for a good job or a big accomplishment; fountain pens are a great choice and are worth it.

There are several other reasons why people buy pens; including picking up a limited edition or special edition pen before it sells out; reconnecting with a sense o nostalgia for a bygone age; or feeling attracted to the material used in the pen. It's very frustrating to miss out on a pen you really want because you didn't get it early enough. These pens only increase in value; both monetarily and in terms of their desirability, after they've run out and it can be a feeling of pride to have been able to get one.

You should learn about fountain pens

You need to learn enough about fountain pens so that you can decide whether they're worth it for you. Read up or watch some videos about the care and maintenance of the pen, take a look at the features of the pen; learn what inks it can be used with. The more you get involved in the hobby; the more time you spend thinking about it and whether you'd like to participate. When you see for yourself that a pen is good enough; you'll be ready to buy it no matter what anyone else says.

Fountain Pen vs Ballpoint Pen

We live in a digital world where cloud computing is the norm, and it is rare that we find solace by using old technology. The nostalgia that it brings you when using a fountain pen is palpable; you get a glimpse of what your grandparents used to write with before. This vintage vibe is an experience that couldn't be found with cheap ballpoint pens that are easy to buy and dispose of.

Fountain pens also suit longer writing sessions because they provide a good grip when writing for extended periods of time. Fountains pens aren't just about being fancy; they're designed for visual appeal, high quality, and practicality too. It really comes down to personal preference. If you're looking for something that's going to last longer than a few months, then you might want to consider a fountain pen. But if you're looking for something to write with now, then a ballpoint pen will probably be fine. You've heard of people who have been able to pass down their fountain pens from one generation to the next. Unlike ballpoint pens which are cheap and disposable, fountain pens are sturdy, long-lasting, and can last a lifetime if cared for properly. In general, this is why a fountain pen is better than a ballpoint.

Any executive who can name flexible lease options for tech companies can also tell you right away why a fountain pen is better than a ballpoint pen. It's about keeping your writing neat and professional, as fountain pen ink is known to be an elegant and high-quality product so that’s why fountain pens are worth it.

These arguments show that you already know which one is better when asked about fountain pen versus ballpoint.

are fountain pens worth it

What's The Difference Between Inexpensive and Expensive Fountain Pens?

There are many different types of fountain pens, but one of the most common questions people have when they first start using them is what is the difference be­tween an expensive fountain pen and a cheap fountain pen? Is it really worth spending hundreds or thousands more on a pen when there are so many cheap options out there? Here I'd like to talk about some of these more significant differences between expensive pens and inexpensive ones.

Expensive vs. Inexpensive fountain pens

Fountain pens at their core are fairly simple objects. A nib, a holder for the nib, and an ink reservoir. Of course, pens aren't just made up of three pieces; however, in general, that's the part that makes them work. It's amazing that something so seemingly simple has such a wide range of options and prices.

With regard to fountain pens, I want to discuss each component that has a significant impact on price and/or quality. My goal is to provide you with some tools that you can consider when deciding whether it's worth it for you to buy a new pen. Everyone has their own taste and preference, so I'll do my best to be impartial and just present why each specific variable can affect the price of a pen for you and you’ll be able to tell if fountain pens are worth it.

Why Fountain Pens Are Expensive

Everyone knows that fountain pen ink is expensive. To save up for just one pen, it's important to skip out on a few luncheons or coffees at some of the best coffeehouses. If you're into collecting expensive fountain pens, you'll be willing to make these sacrifices even if you don't yet have your new fountain pen on hand!

You'll be able to tell by looking at the exquisite craftsmanship and materials that you chose correctly when making the purchase. Buying expensive fountain pens in a conventional way or through online shopping can be another way of rewarding yourself for an achievement such as graduating or receiving a promotion at work.

Many fountain pens are made in special or limited editions making them a rare find for collectors. One of the reasons why fountain pen ink is so expensive is because of its high quality. Owning a limited-edition pen makes the purchase more valuable and precious. You can be proud of the fact that you own a fountain pen that's hard to find anywhere else. Finally, the swirls of acrylic or beautiful writing you do with a fountain pen are something that gives a feeling of accomplishment when using one.

Once you've bought a fountain pen, you need to do some research and learn how to look after it and which ink you can use. Are fountain pens worth the investment? Definitely. As you get immersed in this hobby, you can enjoy the experience more because it's uncommon to find a large group of people who use fountain pens today. It makes owning and using a good fountain pen truly special.

are fountain pens worth it

Factors That Makes A Fountain Pen Expensive and Worth It


Nibs influence your typing experience and how your writing appears. Less expensive pens usually have steel nibs, and they can still write very well. However, they're not as soft or flexible as gold or titanium nibs. Cheap steel nibs may not have any tipping material at all, so they can be quite scratch­y to write with. Outside of fine, medium, and broad, there are various types of nib shapes and sizes that can increase the cost of a pen.

The nib size can also affect the price of a pen, so be sure to choose one that fits your writing style. Not talking about fine, medium, or broad, but the actual size of the nib. A larger nib will almost always be more expensive than a smaller one. One reason why they're more expensive is that they require more material, so they need to be manufactured at greater expense. Some people say that larger nibs are easier to write with, but others say they feel better to write with.


The type of material used for the feed will also affect the price. Less expensive pens tend to have plastic feeds, while more expensive pens tend to have ebonite feeds. A good ebonite feed can provide better ink flow and can fit a particular nib better than an ordinary one, which can lead to better writing experiences. When buying a fountain pen, you will usually not be able to choose the type of ink used.

Body Materials

The material the pen barrel is made of is probably one of the most obvious features and therefore can have the largest impact on the price of the pen. Typically, a solid-colored plastic body will be the least expensive option. Pens with fancier plastic bodies, such as those with mixed colors or sparkles, may be more expensive than the same pen with an all-black body. A metal pen will typically be more expensive than a plastic pen.

More exotic materials and finishing options can increase the cost even further. Hand-painted finishes, such as urushi, cost significantly more because of the amount of time and effort involved in making them. The same goes for making sushi, which is basically a painted scene or decoration made from rice. Some of the most costly pen bodies will even include precious metals or gems and see if fountain pens are worth it.


The bigger the pen, the more expensive it will usually be. Larger pens are often the flagship models offered by companies and therefore come with additional features such as larger nibs, gold nib options, and nicer body materials. Larger pens may be heavier and have a stronger build than smaller ones.


The brand of any particular pen can also greatly affect its price. Some brands charge a premium simply because they attach their brand name to the product. For other brands, the name is synonymous with quality and reliability. Some brands may even include additional benefits such as annual replacement of nibs or the ability to swap them after buying a pen if you decide that you want a different one.


What are the Benefits of Fountain Pens?

Fountain pens are much stronger and last longer than the pens most people use in everyday life.

What are your goals?

The first big question to ask when buying a fountain pen is “What am I trying to achieve?” There are many different reasons to want to own one.

Why buy a fountain pen?

You might want to reduce your waste by not throwing away used pens when they run out. Or you might want to have a stur­dier or better-looking pen so you can write with confidence. Or you might be rewarding yourself for a job you've done well.

Do disposable pens have fountain pens?

There is also an important element of quality and practicalness to fountain pens that disposable ones don't have.

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