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Article: Benefits of Using A Fountain Pen: 10 Reasons to Own One

Benefits of Using A Fountain Pen: 10 Reasons to Own One

Benefits of Using A Fountain Pen: 10 Reasons to Own One

Imagine this: You’re in the middle of signing a very important document at work when your trusted ballpoint pen runs out of ink! What would you do? Buy another disposable pen from the store? Borrow another one from your co-worker? but that’s not what we call handy!

This is why it's worth seeing investing in fountain pens. While they've been around for several years and have evolved from a common tool to an expensive luxury item, there are still many benefits associated with using them. Here are some of the top ten Benefits of using a fountain pen.

fountain pen nib
Hemmingway | Handmade and Brass Fountain Pen

Benefits of Owning a Fountain Pens

1.) Premium Writing Experience

A fountain pen offers an above-average writing experience because of its unique features like cartridges and nibs, which is unusual for most typical ballpoint pens.

The best part about this elegant writing instrument is its versatility. From calligraphy to everyday pen for writing, the pen is optimized to give you a smooth writing experience. And plus, it's not too difficult on the hands because most manufacturers include a rubber handle on the metallic body so it won't hurt your hands when writing for a long period of time. This makes them the best companion when taking long notes or journaling.

There are also different price ranges available in the market. It ranges from cheap disposable fountain pens to more expensive models like limited editions of a high-end fountain pens. The quality of these pens may vary depending on their materials and design. Some even come with special features such as laser engraving and other customizations.

So writing with a fountain pen goes beyond your average writing experience and only expect the best when using this beautiful writing instrument.

2) Personalize your Writing

One of the things that makes fountain pens apart from other pens is that they can be tailored to your taste. From the nibs to the color of the ink, there is a wide range of customization that could accommodate different writing styles and writing preferences.

While your ordinary ballpoint pen needs to be replaced by a different one to change its width and size, with a fountain pen, you're able to choose from various different sizes and shapes. You can choose from an array of different nib sizes ranging from extra-fine to broad. There are even specialty pens made for specific writing purposes, such as italic, oblique, calligraphy, etc. There is even a special nib for left-handed writers. This makes it a more accessible and better pen for writing.

3.) Made to Last

The biggest advantage of fountain pens is that they're durable and designed to last. Unlike your ordinary ballpoint pen, fountain pens are usually made from more durable materials like stainless steel and brass which makes them last longer and even withstand extreme conditions like high temperature and humidity.

It also means that fountain pens last longer, if stored and kept properly, it can last for 5 to 20 years depending on the material and manufacturer.

4.) Environment Friendly

Since fountain pens are both durable and non-disposable, this means that they produce less eco-footprint and are more sustainable for the environment in the long run.

Aside from requiring fewer components, most of the parts in fountain pens are either recyclable or biodegradable. Your old cartridges and nibs will not take up much room in landfills and can be easily recycled into new and useful products.

Fountains pens contain less toxic materials than ballpoint pens, so they're better for the environment and for you.

5.) Better and Comfortable Grip

The typical ballpoint pen may be easier to use than fountain pens but they're not necessarily better for writing. In fact, fountain pens have the perfect balance of weight and firmness which makes them an easier pen for writing.

Most of the pens available in the market are built with more efficient ergonomics The barrel is wide, lightweight, and designed to have a more balanced weight distribution, making them comfortable to hold when writing for long periods of time. In addition to this, some pens also come with rubbery grips which makes them easier to hold especially during lengthier periods of writing.

6.) Different Inks for Different Occasions

Besides the standard black and blue ink, there is a variety of color options that is available for fountain pens. This includes different brilliant colors such as red, green, and other color selections available in the market. The best part about this is that you can easily switch out the cartridge without having to buy a whole new pen.

There are also a variety of inks available with different shades, saturation, and composition. Ranging from shimmering ink and water-based ink among others. It makes fountain pens more accessible to people with various writing preferences and needs.

7.) Classy and Sleek

Fountain pens have this long-standing reputation for being chic, classic, and high-class, and owning one makes you part of the select few who own this sophisticated and magnificent writing instrument.

But before you get too snobby, owning one is also a great way to break the ice and start conversations. People would be intrigued about the pen and would start asking questions about it. Apart from that, it can help you with your social standing in society since many people unconsciously equate owning a fountain pen with people who are credible and professional.

So, if you want to be cool, even for just a short period of time, then having a fountain pen can be an excellent way to go.

8.) Improves Handwriting

In modern life, everything is becoming instantaneous and rushed; however, with a fountain pen, one needs to have due diligence, attention to detail, and patience to perfectly write with the pen.

Writing with a fountain pen will help you improve your penman­ship. It would take some time to adjust from writing with your everyday ballpoint pen to using the classic fountain pen, but with some practice, you'll be writing quickly in no time.

An added bonus would be improving your cursive writing, This forgotten art form has been long abandoned, but it would be worth trying especially if you will be using it as your everyday writing pen for taking notes or signing documents.

9.) Interesting and Vibrant Community

If you're into collecting things, then buying a fountain pen is like having two items at once. You get to support a community of fountain pen users while collecting something interesting.

Contrary to popular belief, the fountain pen community is not usually considered snobby or arrogant. You can find all kinds of online communities where people share their knowledge about caring for their fountain pens. There are also forums dedicated to discussing topics related to fountain pens.

If you're interested in becoming a fountain pen enthusiast, there are also plenty of online resources for people who want to get started. Also, the fountain pen community itself has been instrumental in creating the modern fountain pen movement - including design innovations like nib sizes and refill types.

10.) It's Fun

It may seem silly, but owning a fountain pen is fun! The first thing you do when you open up the package has admired the beauty of the pen. Then you'll notice how well made it feels in your hand. And finally, you'll see the beautiful color of the ink inside.

With fountain pens, you get to play with different colors, shapes and sizes, brands, materials, textures, and finishes. It's really neat when you get a beautiful object to use. If you're looking for a gift for someone special or if you just want something fun to collect, check out fountain pens.

Hemmingway | Handmade and Brass Fountain Pen

What Are The Drawbacks in Owning a Fountain Pen?

Even though this article is intended to encourage you to buy a fountain pen, there may be some issues that could arise if you decide to go ahead and purchase one. Here are some drawbacks that you can encounter when buying a fountain pen:

1.) Expensive

Most people who buy the standard ballpoint pens love them because they're inexpensive and are disposable items. With the fountain pen, this is not the case. Buying one can be expensive and may cost from $50 to $100 dollars. There are also additional costs for extra nibs and inking supplies as well as for more customizations.

Although there are cheaper options available such as disposable fountain pens, which offer almost the same results, the overall result is not quite the same. But if you are more than willing to spend that much for a pen, then expect nothing less than perfection.

2.) Cleaning and Maintenance

One of the few things that can be annoying when owning a fountain pen is the constant need for maintenance and cleaning.

Most of the components must be cleaned for a certain period of time. This is especially true for nibs and cartridges since most of the action relies on the capillary action for ink flow. If these channels will be blocked by dried ink or other contaminants, then you may have to replace them.

The pen body can also become dirty if it's not frequently wiped down with a damp cloth. The pen should always be stored in its original packaging so that it doesn't dry out.

If your pen has been used for writing, you might want to clean it before using it again. This is because some

3.) Picky with Papers

Fountain pens can be quite picky when it comes to which paper types they work best on. If you use a cheap copy paper for taking notes, you might get a rough note-taking experience with the pen. The link will most likely bleed and would likely smudge if gotten wet.

It also doesn't work well with thermal paper or carbon copy paper. There are however fountain pen-friendly paper which can be bought but with an extra cost.

4.) Portability and Storage

One downside of owning a fountain pen is that they're not really portable and storing them properly can be expensive.

Unlike your typical ballpoint pen which can be placed almost anywhere, the fountain pen needs a place where it needs to be upright. This is to keep the fountain pen ink from being clogged and drying out. This means that you cannot take it anywhere without carrying it around or putting it in a holder. And even if you do carry it around, it still won't be very convenient. You'll need to carry a bulky fountain pen case to ensure that it stays safe.

While proper storage may give you extra cost, it is better safe than sorry rather than going through more expensive maintenance and replacement.

5.) Higher Noise Level

This may be a petty reason but fountain pens produce a unique sound on every stroke. When using a fountain pen, there is always a slight click when making a stroke. Inside the barrel, this mechanism allows the flow of ink from the reservoir into the pen.

Some people find this extremely relaxing while others find it annoying. So it’s up to you if you will find this a hindrance to your daily writing.

Hemmingway | Handmade and Brass Fountain Pen

Where to Start?

Now that you have learned about the great advantage and disadvantages of using a fountain pen, now what? Well, you can start by reading some useful articles:

1.) Are Fountain Pens Worth it? - Still, doubting about owning a fountain pen? This article will walk you through if owning a fountain pen is worth the hype and if it's worth keeping.

2.) How Does a Fountain Pen Works? - If you're interested in the inner workings of this pen, then this article will explain the bits and mechanism that makes this writing instrument work

3) Best Budget Fountain Pen - For people on a tight budget, this article can help you select the best fountain pen without sacrificing the quality

4.) How to Write with a Fountain Pen: A Beginner Guide - This small guide can help you with using and storing your newly bought classic fountain pen. A bonus is some tips for left-handed writers.

Aside from these suggested articles, there are many resources that are available on the internet. This includes articles, video tutorials, and other helpful guides.

Also as mentioned earlier, there is also an active and supportive community online. You can join forums and ask questions regarding fountain pens. Most importantly, you can share your experiences and learn from others.


In this article, we have discussed the few reasons owning a fountain pen can be beneficial for you and your business. Aside from the unconscious credibility and professional aesthetic, there are also other reasons why a fountain pen can be a good addition to your daily life.

One of the few benefits of using fountain pens is their versatility. They can be used in your daily writing to calligraphy. One of the reasons why the fountain pen is so good is because it has lots of customization options. This makes the experience of writing more comfortable and intimate. You can choose from different nib sizes depending on what you want to write with them. There are also various ranges of ink colors available.

It's good for the environment too because it doesn't throw any plastic parts into the sea or create any carbon footprints.

And if you are ever stuck with a problem with your pen don't fret, there are many resources and a community to help you out. It doesn't matter how old or new your fountain pen is, there are still ways to improve its performance.

Hopefully, this article has helped you understand the advantages of using a fountain pen. And no matter if you're looking for a brand new fountain pen or you own one, make sure you use it smartly.

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