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Article: Best Fountain Pens Ever

Best Fountain Pens Ever

Best Fountain Pens Ever

Best Fountain Pens Ever

Time-tested, proven, and comfortable. Finding the best fountain pens ever that last for years can be quite difficult. You want something timeless that will last for decades and buck trends. Made of strong material so that it can withstand years of hard writing. Finally, it must be comfortable in your hands right now, but also in 20, to 40 years.

The vintage fountain pens that are still in working condition tell us that fountain pens can be made tough. There are plenty of antique pens that require a little or a lot in terms of TLC. It's especially true in today's world, where newer and more economical materials and production methods are available.

All the fountain pens will last longer than your average plastic roll-ball pen, select a fountain pen that you'll want to commit to for a long time. They're stylish but not faddy; they're durable but not bulky; and smooth writers but never boring. In short, they are the buy-it-once dream pens.

A short history of the fountain pen | Best Fountain Pens Ever

The earliest form of a fountain pen was the Egyptian reed brush. A quill pen is a fine writing instrument made from a single piece of wood or metal, shaped into a sharp point at one end and a blunt tip at the other. Ink flows from the tip by capillary action. Two hundred years later, feathers began to appear. This was partly a response to the limitations imposed by the reed pen, which produced a broad line suitable for the rough surface of papyri.

A German inventor named Daniel Schwenter invented a pen with an inner ink reservoir. The second quill remains sealed with a cork. During the 17th century, Samuel Pepys made mentioned a metal pen that carried ink and Hester Dor­sey Richardson also wrote of a pen that today we would describe in terms of fountain pens. The early 17th century features several reports of a fine writing instrument with an ink reservoir, which continued into the 18th century.

How To Choose The Best Fountain Pens Ever For An Everyday Writer

Choosing the best fountain pen ever is easy if you know what you're looking for. But if you don't, then this guide should help. We'll cover some basic features to look out for, as well as some tips on how to choose the perfect fountain pen for everyday use.

If you’re buying a fountain pen for yourself, you may have already decided which type of great pen you prefer: gel pen, rollerball pen, ballpoint pen, felt tip, parker pen, starter pen, or fountain pen-like Lamy pens and Sheaffer. If you haven’t yet decided, here are a few things to consider when choosing the best fountain pens ever.

Best Fountain Pens Ever | Budget For It

Don't feel pressured to spend a lot of money on your fountain pen, because in today's market there are going to always be viable options at any budget level. If you're willing to spend as little as $25 you can buy a reliable pen and avoid having quality control issues. Even though you may have more flexibility, it would be wise to spend no more than $200, because using a great pen as a regular writing instrument brings with it the increased risks of loss, theft, or damage. Before buying a high-quality fountain pen, check a good quality one first.

Best Fountain Pens Ever | Filling System

As a writer, you need to know how to use a fountain pen's filling mechanism. If you're busy at work, you could use up a cartridge pen or a converter during the day. If you're in a situation where you can't refill your pen or don't want to bring multiple pens, you need one that holds a lot of liquid. One personal preference is for piston or vacuum fillers because they hold significantly more ink flow than the converter. Use a valve to keep the ink from spilling out when it isn't in use. Especially if the pen is in a briefcase, backpack, or handbag, where it will be jostled around.

If you're not writing dozens of pages a day, a cartridge converter pen should work just fine for daily use. And if you prefer having the cartridge pen option, then you might find it more convenient to use a cartridge converter pen if the pen runs out at work. Just be aware that some fountain pen brands, especially Pilot kakuno, Sailors, Caran d'ache, Lamy Fountain Pens, and Platinum Pens, may not be compatible with your pen. Use proprietary cartridges, to limit the using cartridges and ink colors made only by that specific brand. Unless you want to refill the cartridges yourself.

Best Fountain Pens Ever | The Weight And Balance

After you've narrowed down your budget and decided which type of filling system you'd prefer, the most important consideration is how the pen feels in the hand. You'll be writing with this thing every day for the next year, so while looks are extremely important, comfort is essential. Two of the most import­ant things that look for in fine writing instruments are weight and balance. The two concepts are closely related but not identical. Pen weight refers to how heavy the writing instrument is. Some types of pens (particularly those made of copper, stainless, or brass) are best for short notes and pocket carry because their weight makes your hand tired after writing for several pages.

Balance is a different problem than where the weight of the pen sits. Make sure that the pen cap isn't too heavy because it will weigh down the pen and make writing difficult, even if the pen itself isn't that heavy. Front-weighted writing instruments usually don't cause the same problem, which keeps the tip on the paper and offers another degree of control over your writing. Because weight and balance play such an important role in the success of any project. To buy a high-quality writing instrument, it's important to first be able to hold one in person and then buy from an online retailer with return policies.

Best Fountain Pens Ever | Which Nib Pen Is Best For You

The fountain pen nib is the most important part of a fountain pen. If you have a pen that feels good in your hand but doesn't write well, the pen isn't useful, so the quality of the writing tip is important. However, a bad pen-improved by tuning and/or smoothening. On certain models of fountain pens especially TWSBI Eco, Pelikan, and Kaweco Sport, you can even change out the nib and substitute a different size or even specialty ground. For that reason, when choosing a pen, prioritize the weight and balance of the pen over its nib. Unless the nib is completely awful, it can suit your needs.

With respect to nib sizes, what's most important when choosing a nib size is choosing the right size for the work you want to be done. If you write very tiny, and your day job requires you to annotate or mark up documents, then you might be able to use this strategy. You might want to choose something in between the fine nib and medium nib ranges and is particular about which ink flow you use. Those who have larger handwriting, and who can afford to use better quality paper, have more flexibility when choosing between a broad nib or stub pen. Unless your day job requires a calligraphy pen, however, most people should avoid using super soft or flex nibs for everyday writing. They tend to write far too moist.

Best Fountain Pens Ever | Ink capacity

How much ink does the pen have? Most fountain pens have an ink capacity between 1ml and 5ml. Some fountain pens have an even bigger capacity, while others have less. The more ink you have in the pen, the brighter and bolder the line you can create.

Best Fountain Pens Ever | Maintenance

Is maintaining the pen easy? Do you need to clean the pen regularly? How do you remove and replace the ink cartridge? If you don't know how to maintain the pen, look online for instructions. Or ask some pro-fountain pen users. You may want to purchase a maintenance kit along with the pen.

Best Fountain Pens Ever | Design

Consider the design before buying a fountain pen. The stylish is fit your personal style? What kind of material is it made out of? Are there any engravings or symbols on the pen?

Best Fountain Pens Ever | Brand

Do you trust the brand? If so, buy from some brand that is legit. There's no harm in trying out different brands like Parker Duofold or Lamy safari and of course our brand.

In the end, no matter what kind of fountain pen you choose, make sure that it suits your needs. And it should perform well and last long.

The Difference Between Gold Nibs And Steel Nibs | Best Fountain Pens Ever

The Difference Between Gold Nibs And Steel Nibs | Best Fountain Pens Ever

One of the most common debates among pen collectors and pen enthusiasts is whether gold nibs are better than steel nibs. It goes without saying, but if you're going to spend more money on a pen, you might want to consider whether the extra cost is worth it. What kind of material affects the quality of the pen most? These questions are commonly asked across multiple platforms.

Nibs pens come in many shapes and sizes. Some are designed specifically for calligraphy while others are meant for general use. There are some hooded nibs. This type of pen has a hood attached to the end of the barrel. When the hood is closed, it covers the nib making it invisible. In some cases, the hood is removable.

Anyway, let's talk about gold and steel nibs. This article will show you the difference between gold and steel nib pens and how they perform in terms of quality and value. So let’s get started!

The Background Of The Modern Pen Nib | Best Fountain Pens Ever

During the 19th century, the fountain pen became the most popular writing instrument. By the mid-19th century, Birmingham had become the world's leading center for steel pen manufacturing.

The mass production model made stainless steel nibs cheap and reliable, so they became popular for use at schools. During this period, the golden age of pen patents began with designs and inventions cropping up worldwide. Many of the first designs for fountain pens were elegant in their own way but somewhat problematic in terms of leaking and burping. The success of the future of penmanship at this time was established when three things were invented; hard rubber, iridium-tipped gold nib, and ink which was free-flowing.

The latter required a greater understanding of air pressure and was achieved thanks to the experimentation of the Goodyear Brothers who experimented with the chemistry behind ebonite composites. When he invented the first patented mechanical pencil in 1834, John Isaac Hawkins succeeded in creating a hard fine point for writing instruments. Iridium was discovered in 1803, including ruthenium and osmium. Found to be the most resistant to corrosion, which led to its use in fountain pen ink. The introduction of Iridium tipped nibs was a far superior solution to the fragmentary rubies that had been used previously.

Gold Nibs vs Steel Nibs | Best Fountain Pens Ever

With the move away from dip pen ink to fountain pen ink, the debate between gold nib vs steel nib really began. When using dip pens, they were wiped clean between uses to prevent rust and discoloration. With the advancements in fountain pen technology, corrosion of the steel pen nib became a problem. It is for this very reason that early fountain pens were made of gold. Gold is a stable material and so it holds up well to the corrosive nature of iron gall inks.

The debate around whether to use gold or steel nibs has dramatically changed in the last 150 years, but the debate has shifted towards which is better for writing. Most stainless steel nibs are made of an alloy, usually including metals from the platinum family which act as a hard and wear-resistant barrier. With developments in ink technology and the materials used in nibs having risen, the cost has become more affordable fountain pens and making them accessible to even the smallest budgets. It may be argued by some that this has improved the quality of fountain pens due to global competition.

Gold Nibs Are More Desirable Than Steel Nibs | Best Fountain Pens Ever

There seems to be a trend towards using gold nibs for fountain pens. One response might be that it's a purist approach based upon the earliest versions of fountain pen nibs, but this reason doesn't necessarily hold traction with the advances in steel alloys that have been discussed. Gold plating improves the wettability of the ink, which allows for a smoother spread across its surface.

Another property of gold that makes it suitable for use as a fountain pen tip is its classification as a precious metal. It means it is highly resistant to rusting and oxidizing plus it is resistant to acids. Gold has a malleable feel and more bounce and flexibility when compared to steel which is often stiffer. A wide variety of line variations means that you can vary the width of your lines more than with a steel nib. A gold nib adapts to the writing style of the user, becoming softer and misshapen over time.

The Beginner's Guide To Best Fountain Pens Ink

Imagine a beautiful and great pen. Do you picture a fountain pen? It's no surprise that your mind goes there. A fountain pen is a timeless accessory for writers, artists, or anyone looking to give their desk a touch of elegance.

Obviously, a fountain pen is useless without ink. Fountain pens are built to last forever. Instead of buying a new pen, you just buy more ink. It turns out that there is more to know when it comes to finding the best fountain pen inks than you might think.

In this article, we'll provide a few ink recommendations, and help you choose your own fountain pen ink bottle. Before buying any ink, read it carefully so that you know exactly what you're getting.

The Specific Type Of ink To Use | Best Fountain Pens Ever

Ink is one of the most important parts of any fountain pen. There are many different types of ink available on the market today, ranging from water-based to oil-based. Water-based ink is the most common type of ink and is the cheapest to produce. However, because water-based ink evaporates quickly, it requires frequent refills. Oil-based ink is less likely to dry up, but it costs more per ounce.

If you put the wrong ink in your pen, it could ruin your pen. It's important to look for ink specifically labeled for fountain pens. If it doesn't say one way or another, don't assume anything. Ask an expert or read reviews by people who have bought it before.

Do I Need A Cartridge Or A Bottle Of Ink | Best Fountain Pens Ever

There are two main categories of ink: cartridge and bottle. Cartridge ink is usually sold in disposable cartridges that fit inside the body of the pen. Bottle ink is sold in bottles that you fill with ink yourself. Both kinds of ink come in a wide variety of colors.

Some pens will tell you not to use ink cartridges or ink bottles, but others are compatible with both. . If you need a lot of ink, then buying bottled ink is cheaper than buying cartridges. It also comes in a wider range of colors and types. However, bottled ink can be messier to use and requires some finesse when it comes time to refill your pen. A pen ink syringe filler may help you extract ink from the bottle and insert it into the pen. However, if you're worried about the mess, you might want to consider using a different method.

Special Inks To Look At | Best Fountain Pens Ever

You should always check the manufacturer's website to see if they offer special inks for fountain pens. Some manufacturers sell exclusive inks for fountain pens, while other companies only make inks for ballpoint pens. You might find that certain inks work better with certain models of fountain pens. For example, some inks won't mix well with plastic nibs.

These inks are typically expensive, but they're worth trying if you like them. They tend to be very high quality and perform well with all types of pens. These inks are designed for professional use only. They're made with higher quality pigments and are much thicker than regular ink. The result is a stronger color and longer-lasting ink.

Most of these inks are extremely rare, and they're often hard to find. They're usually only available through specialty retailers like art supply stores. They're meant to be used in specific pens. It’s not meant to be mixed with other inks. These inks were originally developed exclusively for fountain pens. They're still widely used today, but they've been adapted for use with other writing instruments as well.

The Writing Performance Of Great Fountain Pens

You consider a great fountain pen if its performance of it is good enough to write with every day. But what exactly does "good" mean? Well, there are several factors that determine how good a fountain pen is. Here are some things to consider that a fountain pen performance is good:

It Has A Comfortable Grip.

Fountain pens are popular writing instruments for their versatility in use and style. They are available in an array of shapes and sizes, most commonly having a broad nib that produces lines of varying widths depending on how much pressure is applied to the nib. For those who enjoy using fountain pens but have difficulty gripping them, several models feature grips specially designed for a comfortable hold.

A comfortable grip means that the pen feels natural in your hand. This is especially true for fountain pens because they have a long barrel. You shouldn't feel any pain when holding the pen. If you feel comfortable with this pen, then you'll probably enjoy using it.

It Writes Smoothly And Effortlessly.

If you're looking for a fountain pen that writes smoothly, you need to pay attention to the type of nib you choose. There are two main types of nibs: fine and medium. Fine nibs produce smooth strokes and are generally best for calligraphy and lettering. Medium nibs produce bolder strokes and are more suitable for general writing.

If you prefer a fine nib, then you'll want to avoid the wide nibs. Wide nibs can cause problems with paper tearing. A good way to tell which nib is right for you is by feeling the nib itself. Try out different ones until you find one that suits you.

A Smooth Feed Mechanism.

You can say that the fountain pen performance is good if this has a smooth feed mechanism. It's important to know that the feed mechanism is a crucial part of a fountain pen. It should be easy to load and reload the cartridge without causing damage.

Some fountain pens have a spring-loaded feed mechanism. When you press down on the cartridge, the feed mechanism opens up and loads the cartridge. To unload the cartridge, simply lift the pen off the page.

It holds Up Under Stress.

This is another factor that determines whether or not a fountain pen performs well. If you drop it, will it break? Can it withstand the rigors of daily use? Will it last?

There are many fountain pens that don't perform well under stress. Some even crack or shatter when dropped. Others may leak ink. The best fountain pens are made from materials that are strong and durable so that they won't leak.

It Lasts For Years.

There are many fountain pens that are considered classics. Many people collect fountain pens over time. They hope to pass down these pens to future generations. Fountain pens are expensive, so it's important to make sure that you get value for money.

The best fountain pens are often made from high-quality materials such as stainless steel, titanium, gold-plated metals, and precious stones. These materials ensure that your pen will last for years without needing to be replaced. So buy a fountain pen that you know will last for a long time, that thing you consider to be a good one.

An Accurate Tip.

Another thing to consider a fountain pen performs well if an accurate tip is used. An inaccurate tip can lead to uneven line thickness. If you're buying a fountain pen, make sure that its tip is straight and level.

A tip that's accurate is one that writes consistently across the page. It's important to note that this isn't just related to the size of the nib. It's also about the angle of the nib. An angled nib is more likely to produce straight lines.

A Reliable Flow Of Ink.

And finally, think about whether the pen runs out of ink before you've finished writing. It won't be a good fountain pen. Make sure that it doesn't run dry too quickly.

Now that you understand what makes a good fountain pen, go ahead and start shopping! You might even find yourself wanting to add one to your collection.

The Benefits Of Having The Best Fountain Pens Ever

The Benefits Of Having The Best Fountain Pens Ever

There are usually pen meetups in larger cities where you can meet other fountain pen enthusiasts and try out pens, inkers, and paper that you've always wanted to try. If you're already a fountain pen enthusiast then share the list so that you can help convert your friends into fountain pen enthusiasts too.

Having the best fountain pens ever is not only beneficial but also fun. It allows you to express yourself through writing. The benefits of having the best fountain pen include:

Improves handwriting skills

You will be able to improve your handwriting skills by practicing with your best fountain pen. Your handwriting will become smoother as you practice.

Helps relieve stress

When you use your best fountain pen, you get relaxed. Holding a pen gives us a sense of satisfaction. By enjoying this feeling, we are able to reduce stress.

Creates beautiful artwork

When you use your best fountain pens, you can create beautiful artwork. You can also add special effects to your drawings or letter.

Keeps you organized

With the best fountain pen, you can keep important documents such as bills and receipts organized. This way, you won’t lose anything.

Makes you stand out

Your best fountain pen looks great when you carry it around. It adds a unique touch to your outfit.

And Last, Increases creativity

Your best fountain pen allows you to write with the fountain pen freely. When you have a lot of ideas running through your head, you can just start writing them down without worrying about mistakes.


Fountain pens have been around since ancient times and are still going strong. They are a great way to write down thoughts and ideas of any type. From the first fountain pens to modern-day models, they have stood the test of time.

There are several factors that affect how good a fountain pen is. As we saw above, the price of a fountain pen has little effect on its performance. In fact, you'll probably get more value out of your money spent on a decent fountain pen than you would on a cheap one.

If you want to own the best fountain pens ever, there are several things that you need to do. First, choose a brand that you like. Second, look at the features of each model. And third, make sure that the price fits within your budget. After making these decisions, buy the best fountain pen that you can afford and give your satisfaction.


How much does a fountain pen cost?

Be honest with yourself, and don't feel pressure to stretch financially, because in today's fountain pen market there are going to be viable options at any price point, even on the extremely low end of the pricing scale.

What's the most important thing about a fountain pen?

As mentioned earlier, the quality of the nib is very important. A high-quality nib will give you smooth strokes and a consistent flow of ink.

What type of ink converter do you use?

Ink converters come in two types, cartridge and piston. Cartridge converters are the traditional type of converter. They come with an ink cartridge inside which contains the ink. Piston converters are a newer technology. They work similarly to cartridges, but they contain no ink. Instead, they contain a small amount of ink which is stored within the converter itself. Both types of converters require different techniques for filling.

How Do I Write With a Pen?

Remember, you're going to write with this thing every day, so while looks are important, comfort is key.

What is the difference between weight and balance?

The two concepts are related but distinct.

What's the best pen for writing?

This depends on what kind of writer you are. For example, if you like to write short notes, then a fine tip might be better than a broad tip. On the other hand, if you want to write longer pieces, then a broad tip is more appropriate.

What are the best ways to buy a pen?

Because weight and balance are such key considerations, it's important to be able to either hold a pen in person prior to purchasing or purchase from an online retailer that permits returns, especially if you're shelling out a lot of money for a higher-end pen.

Is the nib important?

Yes! The nib is the part of the pen that touches the paper. It determines how smoothly you write with a fountain pen. If you prefer a finer line, then you'll want to look for a pen with a finer nib. If you prefer a broader line, then you'll need to go for a pen with a wider nib.

What if I need a different nib?

If you find that a particular pen has a nib that doesn't suit you, then you should consider returning it. Most retailers offer free return shipping, and many allow you to exchange a pen for another one.

What's the best pen for writing?

With respect to nibs, what's most important is choosing the right type of nib for the work you want to do.

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